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WellNeith Wish List: Garden Edition

Enjoy a simple list of garden tools and accessories that I'm crushing on right now.

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With this dual chamber, heavy-duty tumbling composter you get 2 compartments for faster and more efficient composting all year round.

I'm crushing on this compost tumbler because the dual chamber allows me to add my fresh compost ingredients to 1 side, while waiting for the other side to cure. And with internal mixing bars that speed up the decomposition process, I can get fertile compost in just 4-6 weeks! Plus its cute and all I have to do is open the easy-sliding door, add my scraps, and turn the handle 5-6 times every few days. WellNeith Wish List Approved!

Its the hose length for me!!

The flexible garden hose is 50 feet of pure cuteness and reaches every inch of my cozy backyard garden, but, I truly love it because it comes with a nozzle that has 10 different spray functions. I was always over-watering my garden with my old hose from the 80's (don't judge lol) but with 10 spray patterns I can customize the pressure for each plant baby.

LOVE IT!! WellNeith Wish List Approved!

Let the Garden Party Continue...

As I enhance my sweet backyard garden and try new products, I will continue to update this wishlist.

Your Partner in Wellness (& Home Gardening),

Neith Ra

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