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Mindset for Money

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Wellness is sustained with money.

In our modern world, wellness is sustained with MONEY.

If your wellness plan omits a wealth plan, then your plan is incomplete. One cannot truly be well while worrying about money..”


Your wealth is the key tool in your wellness arsenal, it acts as a forcefield around your health, swooping in like a comic-book hero to save the day. Creating a firm financial base supports your overall health and well-being.

But is money more important to you than your health?

Some believe that money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy organic fruits and vegetable (or the seeds and tools to plant them in your garden), it can buy platinum healthcare coverage, it can pay for herbs and natural remedies, it can buy a plane ticket to see a specialist in another part of the world…and the list goes on.

Money may not be able to buy happiness but having money makes supports you in creating a happy life. Plus, there are many research studies that document the relationship between your health and your money, specifically, financial stress and poor physical and psychological health.


The relationship between one's financial and mental health is a close one, where a moment of positive or negative feelings can impact the way in which we spend (or invest) our money. There are many studies that document how financial insecurity can breed depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. All of which creates a chemical response in the body as if you’ve experienced trauma.


Ten years ago, I read a book titled Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin (they are legends in F.I.R.E community*). According to the authors,

"The purpose of Your Money or Your Life is to transform your relationship with money. That relationship encompasses more than just your earning, spending, debts and savings; it also includes the time these functions take in your life. In addition, your relationship with money is reflected in the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that you can get from your connection to your family, your community and the planet.”

This book really opened my eyes to how spending, saving and investing money is a mirror of those things we value most in life. When you value your health, you direct financial resources to protecting it, as well as, align your purpose to support wellness. This could look like, leaving a toxic work environment to protect your sanity (and maybe taking a pay cut…for now) to pursue your passion that in turns elevates your health and increases your income.

But we need to be financially educated to secure the bag.

Financial literacy impacts the ability to improve our financial lives, and it’s important to consider how money, mental health, and physical health are intertwined with overall wellness.

We need money for survival in this world, but we were not placed on earth just to survive…we are here to THRIVE, GROW AND HELP OTHERS.

If your wellness plan omits a wealth plan, then your plan is incomplete. One cannot truly be well while worrying about money.

Be about your coin and your colon...

We can do both family.

Don’t neglect your health on your way to securing the bag, and don’t dismiss the importance of the bag on your road to optimal wellness.

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To your wellness,


*If you have no idea what F.I.R.E means then please google and go down the financial rabbit hole lol)



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