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Are You Planning for Pregnancy?

Preconception preparation is a vital (and often overlooked) step in the birthing process

If you’re thinking about conceiving, there’s a lot you and your partner can do to support your fertility, nurture a successful pregnancy, and strengthen the health of your sweet baby. And, one of the most important things you both can do NOW, is identify and then limit your exposure to toxic foods and environmental chemicals.

The goal of any detox should be to support those organs in the body that are involved in the detoxification process (i.e. the liver, kidneys and skin) by nourishing the body with nutrient rich food and the skin with natural products whilst avoiding the consumption of alcohol, sugar, white flour products and chemical laden household goods. The liver is one of the main organs involved in the detoxification process (toxins like to hide in our liver and fat cells) and is vital for the breakdown of estrogen, hormones, drugs and alcohol...making it essential to ensure that it is kept as healthy as possible during the preconception process.

My general recommendation is for women (and their partners) to start a detox at least three months before conception, but six months is ideal. Why? Because toxins accumulate in our body for years and you want to give those toxins plenty of time to breakdown and leave your body before conception. I also want to note that you SHOULD NOT detox or fast while pregnant or breastfeeding. Let me say this again, if you are currently pregnant or nursing, you should not start any type of diet or detox.

With that said, below are my top tips to get you and your partner started.

#1 - Detox together

Alot of focus is placed on the womb during preconception but environmental toxins can affect semen quality, which is why I am a huge advocate for couples preparing for pregnancy together. There is no point in mama-to-be fasting and detoxing for three months while papa-to-be continues to consume the standard american (S.A.D) diet of burgers, fries and a coke. Its the optimal health of both parents that creates the optimal environment for baby.

#2 - Focus on Hydration and Elimination

Drink more fresh spring water, consume more raw, organic foods and move those bowels daily. Period!

"A study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found 232 toxic chemicals and 287 industrial chemicals and pollutants in umbilical cord blood." – EWG

#3 - Make your home a safe haven

There are many toxins we can't avoid while out in the world, but your home is a place where you control what comes and out. Your home should be a sanctuary for safety and healing so take inventory of your cabinets and fridge and eliminate anything that could be compromising your health.

Stop using microwaves (use your oven), switch out the toxic teflon coated pots and pans (get cast iron), swap out plastic for glass, make your own natural household cleaners, stop spraying air freshener (use essential oil diffusers) and do not eat canned foods (make it fresh).

#4 - Mind your personal care products

The skin is the largest organ and most store-bought lotions and sprays are known carcinogens (aka cancer-causing agents). Use natural products for your skin, hair, and clothes. Extra points if you make them yourself.

My rule of thumb: if you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin.

#5 - Curate a positive mindset

"Energy flows where attention goes."

Make time each day to sit quietly with yourself, drown out negativity with positive daily affirmations and spend time with your partner having fun.

Prepare for the outcome you desire

Preparing for pregnancy is key but remember to stay open and receptive to the wonderful surprises of life.

Are you thinking about trying to conceive? Or thinking about, thinking about trying to conceive? Let's talk about your thoughts. Click HERE to schedule your free preconception prep call to find out how my 12-week one-on-one program can support you.


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